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​​Website Launch Time:

While Other Companies take several months to create a website, Junior Sites aims for the time frame of 1-2 weeks in order to help businesses launch quicker. However, depending on amount and gathering of content site may take up to 4  weeks. Timing will be made known to clients after initial consultation. Note: last minute changes may result in more time needed to create website.

Payment Policy:
Website Start Up Payments are to be made after site is complete but client has choice to pay in advance. After website is complete, monthly maintenance payments are due on given due date of each month, unless other arrangements are made. All other services must be paid in advance. Forms of payment accepted are (Credit, Debit, Check, Pay Pal, Money Orders and Cash). Receipts/Invoices of all transactions will be provided for client's and Junior Sites' records.

Return Policy:
If client desires to cancel services after website has been completed and paid for, notice must be made within 2 weeks from site completion for full return. Anything after 2 weeks only renders 50% payment return.

Cancellation Policy:
Ending Website Services must be given 2 weeks notice. Payment for that month must be paid before cancellation takes affect. Note: Once a website is canceled, the site will be taken offline immediately. Client has 4 weeks from cancellation date to restore site & domain or it will be permanently deleted.

Non-Payment Policy:
Non Payment for 2 months, without notice or communication and agreement between Client and Junior Sites, will result in Site being taken offline immediately. Client has 2 weeks from notice of pending cancellation due to non-payment to restore website service with owed payments. Client that has 2 or more non payments, all services will be cancelled.

Website Satisfaction Guarantee:
If Client at any time is not satisfied with Junior Sites website services, Client must communicate that in order for changes to be made. After changes have been made and client is still not satisfied with website, client may cancel service (see Return & Cancellation Policies).

Other Services Policies:
Flyers, Business Cards, Bookmarks, Social Pages, Company Letterheads, Receipt Books, Bags and T-Shirts  must be proofed before produced by client. Once the item is approved and paid for there are no returns or exchanges. There are no returns or exchange for the other service not mentioned here.

Communication Policy:
It is Junior Sites Goal to have an open line of communication and a level of trust and honesty in order to maximize the website and business services. Communication and consideration on both parts is key. Junior Sites will provide top quality of services and products and relies on this experience to be a two-way street.

When Your Business succeeds, Junior Sites Succeeds! When Junior Sites Succeeds, Your Business Succeeds.

Thank You!